Welcome To Garden 4 Life!

For many years, Gardening Revolution now known as Garden4Life, has been changing the way people garden all across the country. Originally owned and operated by Len Pense, the company’s soil-less, weed-free growing system has inspired gardeners to think (and plant) outside the rows.

Today, Gardening Revolution has moved and re branded to Garden 4 Life, but its mission remains the same. “Garden 4 Life ties in perfectly with our goal of helping families live healthier, more fulfilled lives,” says the new owner, Curt Rankin from Lebanon, Missouri. In late 2017, he and his wife, Dawn – along with their son, Chais, and his family – purchased the business from Len Pense.

How It All Adds Up

Your Benefits

Modern Methods
Higher Nutrition
Better Performing
High Quality Organic
Less Physical

Meet Our Team


Curt and Dawn Rankin are lifelong Entrepreneurs who love small business and the unique opportunities they provide to grow professionally and personally. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy Curt worked as a crop consultant and natural resource specialist for several years. He later joined his family in starting a successful specialty welding company. Dawn pursued her interests in accounting and real estate while raising and homeschooling their two children. She has played a vital role in creating and maintaining the family business interest. Today Curt and Dawn are proud to be helping other families grow their potential through Garden4Life and their other business.


Chais Rankin earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and Marketing from Missouri State university. After college he and his family returned to the family farm where they are adding their expertise to Garden4Life while continuing to expand their business interests. In true Entrepreneur fashion Chais is also a real estate broker.

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